Tim Helfet
Appeared in Highlander: The Raven episode The Manipulator
Nationality American
Status Alive
Occupation Journalist
Portrayed by  Guy Lankester

A Watcher and the son of a Watcher, he approached Amanda and Nick Wolfe in Paris, in fear of his life. He told them that he wanted them to steal the computer from one of the diplomatic delegation to an Eastern Bloc country, which contained the evidence that the man was a traitor. Lured by the promise of a stash of diamonds hidden with the computer, Amanda agreed to help, but the attempt failed when she sensed another immortal and their burglary was blown, she realized that the diplomat was the Immortal, Vladimir Rankov, a man with whom she has a past.

Amanda realized that Helfet set her up, knowing her past history with Rankov. She then tracked him down and found that he was a Watcher, determined to avenge the death of his father, who was Rankov's Watcher until he was discovered and killed by Rankov.

Their discussion was interrupted by another attempt on Helfet's life but Nick killed the assassin, who turned out to be a special operations Watcher sent to kill Helfet for breaking his oath and interfering with immortals. Nick was guilty about having killed the Watcher and persuaded Amanda to return with him to the Embassy. Nick stole the computer, while Amanda watched Helfet break in moments later, only to be captured by Rankov who planned to use him as a scapegoat after killing his prime minister. Amanda challenged and defeated Rankov, while Nick rescued Helfet.

After speaking to Joe Dawson, Amanda told Helfet, "He told you to make yourself invisible and stay that way.  Maybe the Watchers will let you live."

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