Titus Marconus
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, mentioned in the Season Six episode To Be
Name Titus Marconus
Born 178 B.C. in the Roman city, Capua
First Death 151 B.C. by drowning
Teachers Marcus Constantine
Watchers Julia Lavinius
Status Deceased, 74 B.C., beheaded by Marcus Aedilies
Occupation Soldier

Titus Marconus was born in 178 B.C. in the Roman city, Capua, the primary city of the Campania region in southern Italy.

He was an Senator who met his first death in 151 B.C. when he drowned. He was found by Marcus Constantine, who became his mentor and teacher. Marconus was a very promising young Immortal, but unfortunately, he didn't last very long.

In 74 B.C. he was challenged by Marcus Aedilies. No one believed that Aedilies had a chance. Methos claimed to have bet "a tidy little sum" on Marconus, but Marconus lost and Aedilies took his head.

His Watcher, Julia Lavinius, however, recorded that Marconus was beheaded behind the Forum by the great duelist, Peter Gaicus.  When Joe questioned why the watcher would lie, Methos explained her erroneous entry: "You know how it is. You don't want to admit to your Watcher buddies that your guy's been whacked by some sniveling little weasel like Aedilies. So you make up a story that he's been aced by the greatest swordsman in Rome."

Note: He was only ever mentioned briefly in Highlander: The Series, during the first of the finale episodes, To Be, when Methos was hanging out with Joe after hours at his bar, and was correcting errors in the Chronicle he claimed to have witnessed: "Hey, you ask, I tell you."