Tricks Of The Mind

On the run from the Hunters, Ramirez and Quentin catapult a rope across a waterfall to get across the ravine, but Ramirez falls into the water in the process. Ramirez loses the MacLeod sword...and his memory of the last 7 centuries. Quentin finds the sword while Ramirez learns of the Great Catastrophe from a street prophet. Ramirez retrieves his sword and tells Arak to issue a challenge to Kortan. Quentin has a nightmare on his way to the Hill of Oath, and then makes a spiritual contact with Yoshoda, who tells him to protect Ramirez. Ramirez and Kortan duel on the same volcano where they fought centuries earlier, but Ramirez turns on Quentin when he tries to stop them. Ramirez's memory returns when Kortan calls Quentin "Highlander," and Kortan is engulfed in lava...but he survives.

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