Tyler King
Tyler King
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Four episode The Innocent
Name Tyler King
Born 1886 in Sacramento, California
First Death 1911, died in a fire at a brothel
Teachers Cassie Lothrop
Origin American
Watchers Lino Ortega
Status Deceased, Beheaded by Duncan MacLeod 1995
Occupation head hunter
Portrayed by  Callum Keith Rennie
Tyler King was an Immortal, born in 1886. He first died in a brothel fire in 1911, triggering his immortality. Tyler met his teacher, Cassie Lothrop, who taught Tyler about what he was and about the Game. Tyler became a head hunter, hunting the heads of other Immortals, and compete full-time in the Game.
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Tyler King challenges Alan Wells

In 1995, Tyler King arrived at a junk yard owned by another Immortal, and challenged Alan Wells. Wells was defeated and beheaded, his ward ran from the scene. Along the road, King spotted Mikey Bellows, the mentally challenged Immortal who was being protected by Wells. Tyler saw Mikey being picked up on a motorcycle by an Immortal, Richie Ryan.

Tyler later found Mikey at Duncan MacLeod's dojo. Tyler had no intention of fighting Duncan, but taking an easy target: Mikey. Tyler tried to take Mikey's head, but was stopped by Duncan, and Mikey ran away. Later on, Tyler saw Mikey at a train ride, and tried to get Mikey away so he could take his head, but Mikey refused.

Tyler did see Mikey again and tried to go after him, but was stopped again by Duncan MacLeod and this time they fought. Tyler was defeated and beheaded by Duncan.

Watcher ChronicleEdit

According to the DVD profile on Tyler King, his Watcher, Lino Ortega took a disliking to Tyler King from the beginning.  In the Chronicle of King, he wondered why famous poets, writers, and so forth, died so young, but never understood how Tyler King lived longer than any of them when his only contribution to society was leaving a heavy bar tab and fashion tips.