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Appeared in Highlander: The Series season 1 episode "The Beast Below"
Born Unknown
First Death Unknown
Teachers Duncan MacLeod
Origin Unknown
Watchers Father Jean-Patric
Status Alive
Occupation Hermit, gardener
Portrayed by  Christian Van Acker

No one knows where or when Ursa comes from, probably not even Ursa. He once painted a picture of his home for Darius, with mountains and caves. MacLeod suggested that Ursa grew up alone in the woods. Although he can speak, he does not talk much.

By 1634, Ursa was living in a cave in a French forest. The farmers of the surrounding villages took him for a demon, because they could not kill him. He was known among them as the "beast with no name." When the peasants hunted him in April 1634, their hunt was interrupted by Duncan MacLeod. He recognized Ursa as an Immortal. Ursa was killed in the fight, and MacLeod lead the villagers to believe he was buried in a manner which would prevent his return. MacLeod took Ursa to the Abbey of St. Gobain, so that he would be safe on holy ground.
Highlander the Series - The Beast Below 10

Ursa is attacked by a villager

Ursa, who had a strong feeling for the beauty of things around him, worked as a gardener at the Abbey. The monks knew of his immortality, but protected him as one of Gods creatures and taught him to sing. Sometime between 1634 and 1789, Darius visited the Abbey of St. Gobain. Around the time of the French Revolution, the abbey of St. Gobain was demolished. Ursa fled to the catacombs under Paris. In 1993, he was still living in there.

Because he loved singing, he felt drawn to the opera. He fell in love with the singer, Carolyn Lamb. When she had an argument with her manager, Ursa killed him because he thought he was going to hurt Carolyn. Carolyn then tried to manipulate Ursa into killing her perceived rival, Jenny Harris. But while he captured Jenny, he refused to kill her as Carolyn wanted. When Carolyn accused Duncan MacLeod of trying to kill her, Ursa attacked him. Their struggle shifted to the roof of the Opera, where ultimately Ursa fell off the roof.

Duncan then goaded Carolyn into admitting that she had manipulated Ursa and had never cared for him. A recovered Ursa moaned in despair and the terrified Carolyn ran off, and was struck and killed by a car. Ursa recovered and cradled her body, but Duncan told Ursa she was dead.

Highlander the Series - The Beast Below 45

Duncan MacLeod sends Ursa to a monastery to live in peace

MacLeod brought Ursa to another monastery, the Abbey of St. Bernard. There the Watchers picked him up and assigned Father Jean-Patric to Ursa. At the monestary, he could once again focus on his singing   

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