Ramirez takes out bureaucratic spies, giving Arak something to use against Asklepios. Valka angers Asklepios, and he turns against her. She in turn knocks him out and sabotages the system to send Moganda in panic. The Hunters are sent to arrest her as she escapes the city. Quentin sees the chase and decides to help her, initially not realizing who she is. Valka hands over resistance intelligence and offers to make the bureaucrats neutral in the final Kortan-MacLeod fight if Quentin will take out Arak. The pressure on Asklepios has him worried about losing his position, and Malone's taunts add to the stress. Ramirez goes to warn Sven about being on the Hunters' hit list. Valka traps Quentin in a room in Moganda, and then helps Asklepios restore the system. Ramirez convinces Arak to help Quentin escape, lest the bureaucrats get credit for capturing MacLeod.

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