Victor Hansen
Victor Hansen
Appeared in Highlander: The Raven episode The Devil You Know
Name Victor Hansen
Aliases Victor Cole
Born 1542, Copenhagen, Denmark
First Death 1580, executed for theft
Teachers Kanwulf
Origin Danish
Status Alive
Portrayed by  Geordie Johnson

Victor Hansen was an Immortal in Paris in April of 1993, during Amanda's attempt to steal a Guttenberg Bible. He had admired her work for many centuries as a thief and burglar, and knew of her adventure in the harem of the Sultan of Constantinople.

On October 20, 1998, Victor went in disguise to Bob Marshall, the security officer of the Chicago bank where the Valentino Diamond would be on display, and photographed the plans of the security systems. When he returned the next day, Marshall saw him and Hansen shot him in the ally beside the bank.

Hansen, sent Amanda the small gift of a motorcycle and invited her to dinner. She apparently appreciated his charming manner, but was still very aware of the fact that Victor wanted help in the theft of Valentino. She finally agreed to assist him in the burglary. Nick Wolfe, however, was in no way won over, and had seen through him, Hansen tried to kill Nick with a car bomb. Wolfe, survived only by a lucky chance.

Inside the bank, Amanda received word on Nick and she challenged Victor to fight. In the midst of the battle, Nick's motorcycle crashed through the window. He shot to Victor and then pursued him, until he was shot by Carl Magnus, who was an old friend of Bob Marshall. Hansen fell into the river and disappeared without a trace, Nick dryly offered Magnus luck in finding the body.