Victor Paulus
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season One episode Band Of Brothers and the novel Highlander: Shadow of Obsession
Name Victor Paulus
Born November 11, 1944 in New Haven, Connecticut
Nationality American
Status Deceased, killed by Callestina
Occupation Peace Activist
Portrayed by  Earl Pastko
Victor Paulus was a mortal peace activist and a former student of Darius.

Personal History Edit

He was referred to as a "dogged crusader and...future candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize."

Grayson, Darius' one-time protégé, approached Darius to let him know that he would hunt down Darius' other students, one by one -- among them, peace activist, Victor Paulus, a mortal.

Upon his arrival in Seacouver, Grayson attempted to assassinate Paulus, only to be foiled by MacLeod, another of Darius' protégés.

Paulus & MacLeod

MacLeod, then remained near Paulus during his time in Seacouver, attending his speech at a cemetery, and at a the Sterling Hotel where Paulus was giving his final conference. 

Grayson and his minions appeared at both, and MacLeod foiled the attack in the hotel, beating the three attackers into unconsciousness in front of Paulus, who then wanted to know who MacLeod was.  When told he was a friend of Darius, Paulus said, "You didn't learn this from Darius."

Paulus left Seacouver to continue on his mission.

In the novel, Highlander: Shadow of Obsession, he was murdered by Grayson's former student, Callestina.