Vince Petrovic
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Four episode "Reluctant Heroes"
Status Deceased
Occupation Criminal
Portrayed by  Stephen Dimopoulos

Seacouver's crime boss, he hired Immortal hitman, Paul Kinman, to kill local businessman, David Markum, when the man refused to give Petrovic a percentage of his small grocery store. When Kinman missed the target, but instead, accidentally killed the grocer's wife, and was then caught by the police, Petrovic tried to disassociate himself from the mess. When Kinman later escaped, and came to Petrovic for his payment, Petrovic sneered, "What money? You missed. You got caught."

Kinman shot him in the leg, and spoke of the days when he worked for royalty, but now all the barons were mere money lenders. Petorvic called Kinman a wacko, and then promised he'd help get him out of the country if that was what he needed. Kinman then shot him to death.

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