Vincent Margolies
Unknown 4
Appeared in The Watcher's Chronicles CD-ROM
Name Vincent Margolies
Pupils Cordelia Stanton
Watchers Unknown
Status Deceased, 1925 - Beheaded by George Shelby
Occupation Speakeasy Proprietor

Vincent Margolies is an Immortal, referred to in The Watcher's Chronicles CD-ROM.

Biographical InformationEdit

Vincent Margolies was an speakeasy proprietor, who lived in New York City during the early 1900s. In the year 1925, he found Cordelia Stanton, an newly-Immortal young woman who was homeless. Vincent took Stanton with him and became her first mentor.

She worked as an cigarette girl at his bar, and he paid for her dance and sword-lessons. Eventually, he got her a chorus-girl gig at the nightclub of a friend. He, however, would never see Stanton perform. The Immortal George Shelby beheaded him during opening night.

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