Violane Armand
Name Violane Armand
Born 1798
First Death 1814 Shot by Napoleon's troops
Teachers Louis Ducharde, Darius, Marie Guilliard
Status Deceased, Beheaded by Duncan MacLeod 1832
Occupation Prostitute

Around the end of 1813 or the beginning of 1814, the Napoleonic army moved through the city in which Violane and her parents lived in. Violane was a girl with black hair and turquoise eyes. She and her family were shot by soldiers after her father fought against the troops taking their food without paying him. Violane was only 16 years old at the time.

When she awoke, only one of the soldiers that murdered her family was present: The immortal Louis Ducharde. Since her house was on fire and the people in town had seen Violane and her family die, Louis took her to Paris. Louis promised her a life as a lady, but instead he forced her into prostitution. One day Violane had an enough, and ran away from Ducharde, but as destitute as she was, she couldn't change her lifestyle.

By the end of November, 1815 she met Duncan MacLeod, who brought her to the priest, Darius, also immortal. Darius took her as a student, she helped him in his hospital to treat wounded and sick and showed great skill. After a few months, however, Violane became restless, so Darius sent her his immortal friend, Marie, and her mortal husband,Hubert Guilliard. The two had an estate south of Paris, and taught Violane the things that she could not learn from Darius. Two years she lived in the Guilliards home, then one night she stole their savings and burned a neighboring farm.

Violane quickly realized that her youthful appearance would hamper chances as an independent healer. So she adopted a life on the road. In 1832, she again met Duncan MacLeod and attacked him, but he defeated her with ease, and once again offered her his help. He was forced to behead Violane in self-defense.