Vladimir Rankov
Vladimir Rankov
Appeared in Highlander: The Raven episode The Manipulator
Aliases Durankon Rankov
Watchers Jerry Helfet
Status Deceased, beheaded by Amanda in 1999
Portrayed by  Miles Richardson
An Immortal, he was ruthless and without conscious.

In 1565, under the name Durankon Rankov, he worked for the ruler of Savoy as ambassador. He was sent to Burgundy to negotiate peace, but when he got there, he met the Immortal, Amanda.  His offer to end a hostilities in a marriage between Christina of Burgundy and Phillip of Savoy was well received, but Rankov was not interested in peace, his interest was in the dowry that he should take as a sign of good will return to Savoy. On the way, he murdered his companions, and tried to hide the loot, then report a diplomatic failure. He was, however, surprised by Amanda, who challenged Rankov to duel. They fought, but when he was pushed down a hill, she let it go at that, and brought a dowry to Savoy.

Rankov wanted revenge on Amanda. He stole into the wedding of Amanda's protege, Christina, and murdered her during the ceremony, with a crossbow. Amanda could not stop him, and Rankov disappeared without a trace.

Vladimir Rankov in 1565

About 1995, Rankov was in the Balkans. In an unspecified country, in which had just begun a civil war, he saved the life of a teacher, who later became prime minister and was appointed his adviser.

About 1998, he spotted a man who seemed to be following him. His Watcher, had come too close to him, and was captured, tortured, and finally murdered by his subject.

In 1999, he accompanied his prime minister to Paris for peace talks. However, he secretly sabotaged the peace. Amanda had been hired to heist Rankov's laptop which contained information about his duplicity, but they sensed each other and then recognized each other. A few days later, Tim Helfet, the son of the murdered Watcher, attacked his guards. Tim wanted to avenge his father's death.

Rankov took the opportunity and shot the prime minister in order to pin it on the intruder. Amanda, and Wolfe, however, successfully stolen the incriminating computer,and proposed a deal. Rankov and Amanda met behind the Chateau and fought, Rankov lost his head to the thief.

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