Vrej Ratavoussian
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, season 4 episode "The Immortal Cimoli"
Name Vrej Ratavoussian
Aliases The Amazing Elvis
Born 1582 Vitebst, Belorussia
First Death 1638 Struck by falling tree
Teachers Ygor Pasternak
Origin Russian
Watchers Rollo James
Status Unknown
Occupation Elvis impersonator in Las Vegas
Portrayed by  T.C. Holmes

Vrej Ratavoussian is an Immortal, born in 1582 in Vitebst, Belorussia. He was killed in an accident when a tree fell on him in 1638 in Novocherkassk, Russia and became Immortal. Vrej met his teacher, Ygor Pasternak, who taught him about what he was.

Over years of traveling, he eventually settled in Las Vegas, Nevada where he became an Elvis Presley impersonator due to his striking resemblance of the King. He had at last count, performed 1,000 times at the Taj Mahal Club on the Vegas Strip. He has also been offered a place at the Blue Suede Chapel where ordained Elvis impersonators performed drive through weddings. He has thus far refused the position as being 'tawdry.'

In 1996, he encountered Danny Cimoli, an Immortal magician perform in Vegas, whom he challenged, the result of the challenge is unrecorded.


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