William Culbraith
William 1
Appeared in Highlander: The Series season 5 episode "The Messenger"
Name William Everett Culbraith
Born 1793, in Danzig, Prussia
First Death 1835, Thrown from a horse
Teachers Sigmund Muehlhausen
Origin Prussian
Watchers Gary Lister
Status Deceased, 1996, beheaded by Richie Ryan
Occupation Yachtsman
Portrayed by  Robert Wisden

William Culbraith is an Immortal and soldier. He settled in Georgia, USA in 1800s. In 1864, Culbraith was a Confederate colonel duringn the American Civil War who was stationed at a military prison at Andersonville, Georgia, a notorious and infamous prison where men died by the score each week.

Duncan MacLeod, a Union scout and underground railroad conductor, was imprisoned there with and escaped slave. MacLeod talked to Culbraith about getting help for the slave, Jeffrey. Culbraith told MacLeod he would send a surgeon when he is available. In the meantime, Culbraith received a letter, telling him that his wife and adopted children were killed in a building fire caused by Union soldiers. MacLeod tried to get Culbraith to help Jeffrey, but was refused by the angry and bitter man, telling MacLeod that the surgeon is busy tending other patients. MacLeod was forced to kill Jeffrey as a mercy as gangrene poisoned him.  Macleod would never forgive Culbraith for the preventable cruelty.

Culbraith in 1864

In 1996, Culbraith was in Seacouver, Washington when he ran into MacLeod at a marina, the pair would end up facing off with one another until Richie Ryan interrupted the fight allowing Culbraith to escape. Richie claimed to be acting on the teachings of an immortal who claimed to be Methos. The false Methos, also known as The Messenger would also talk to Culbraith and try to convert him to his cause of peace as well.  Culbraith calls him a fool for not carrying a sword, but did talk to The Messenger, about his personal tragedy during the Civil War.  MacLeod interrupts their talk in order to challenge Culbraith, but The Messenger stands between them, and stops MacLeod in his tracks by bringing up Darius.  Culbraith breaths a sigh of relief as MacLeod turns and walks away.

Eventually, Culbraith goes to the Messenger's garden, sword in hand, ready to take the immortal's head.  Believing the man's claim to be Methos is genuine, he covets the man's experience and power. The Messenger tries one last time to reach Culbraith, but Culbraith makes it clear that he chooses not to change, and takes The Messenger's head.

When Richie arrives to speak to The Messenger, Culbraith is waiting for the unarmed immortal.  Richie tries The Messengers words on him, but Culbraith cuts him, stating firmly, "We were made for war."  MacLeod arrives at that point with Richie's sword and throws it to him.  Culbraith loses the race to the fallen blade and impales himself on it as Richie lifts it.  He snidely askes if this is where Richie tells him they don't have to do this, Richie responds by taking his head.

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

Robert Wisden, the actor who played Culbraith, had also appeared as Werner in the Highlander: The Series episode, The Return of Amanda.

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