Wilson Geary
Wilson Geary
Appeared in Highlander: The Raven episode Passion Play
Name Wilson Geary
First Death Unknown, Prior to 1642
Status Deceased, beheaded by Amanda 1998
Occupation Actor
Portrayed by  Gordie Currie
Wilson Geary was an Immortal actor and villain. Wilson and Amanda met in the Globe Theatre during the first half of the 17th century. Amanda said she was the only one who didn't throw tomatoes at him. In 1963, she met him again at a bar in Chicago. Although they were not  friends, Amanda tolerated him. After this encounter, Geary met Lucy Becker.

Geary chats up Lucy

Lucy had been hurt by her immortal husband's reaction to his old friend Amanda, and was a bit jealous. Geary told her just the right things, she was deceived, and went with him to his apartment. Wilson took advantage of it for a perfidious plan: He called her husband, Marco Becker, claiming that Lucy was dead. In his rage, Becker stormed into his apartment, and was stunned to find Lucy alive. Geary ambushed the surprised actor, and took his head without a fight.

In 1998, Geary had a successful one man show called Methuselah's Revenge at the Music Hall of Chicago. He was soon booked for Denver. After a performance, Lucy Becker tried to behead him. Afterward, Wilson located her address by posing as her public defender at the local police station.

During his visit to Amanda's apartment, he met Nick Wolfe and Amanda. He told a very different version of the story of Marco's death, wherein he protected Lucy from an angry husband. The truth was, of course, somewhere in the middle.

Amanda and Geary challenge, with Lucy captive

Wilson finally kidnapped Lucy and tried to lure Amanda into a trap. He fought with Amanda at the Music Hall, and was beheaded.

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • Geary's age is unknown but Amanda stated that Geary performed at the Globe Theatre, that existed from 1599 to 1642.

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