Yashoda is a character from Highlander: The Animated Series.

Yashoda leads a monastic life teaching people the martial arts but also the secrets of inner peace. He is the apparent leader of the Jettators, and his knowledge is key to enabling Quentin MacLeod to defeat his enemy Kortan. He appears in The Setup where one of his exiled disciples convinces Quentin to raise an army and overthrow Yashoda. However, it turns out this was a test of Quentin's worthiness too, and by going along with it Yashoda judges that Quentin is still too brash to receive his knowledge (he doesn't want to "replace Kortan with another Kortan"). He had previously banned Kortan and Ramirez from his temple for similar reasons.

He appears again in Tricks of the Mind to advise Quentin in spirit form.

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