Yashoda is a Jettator who appeared in Highlander: The Animated Series. He is the Jettator of martial arts. He appeared in the episode,The Setup.

Ramirez claims Yashoda is the greatest of the Jettators, and his knowledge will be the utlimate key to enabling Quentin to defeat Kortan. However while a formidable warrior he is also a demanding master and had previously expelled both Ramirez and Kortan from his dojo for their hotheaded ways.

In "The Setup" he sends one of his disciples to secretly test Quentin, suggesting that they raise an army. Quentin eagerly agrees and sets about doing so, and from this Yashoda infers that Quentin is too quick to restort to violence and solve his problems through brute force. Accordingly Yashoda refuses to give Quentin his knowledge, fearing that he would "replace Kortan with another Kortan." However he agrees to reconsider if Quentin can prove himself worthy after collecting the other Jettators' knowledge.

A vision of him appears in Tricks of the Mind when Quentin calls to the Jettators for aid in how to restore Ramirez's memories and stopping Ramirez from dying in a duel with Kortan. Yashoda says that Ramirez can regain his memory, but adds that Quentin is the one the immortals are depending on and must solve the dilemma himself.

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