Yung Dol Kim
Name Yung Dol Kim
Born AD 1580
Teachers Jin Ke
Origin Korean
Status Deceased, Beheaded by the Kurgan 1985
Occupation Security Guard

A 400 year old Immortal who survived long enough to take part in the Gathering in New York, 1985. He survived thanks to his exceptional fighting skills.

In combat, Kim wielded a pair of swords - making him fairly unusual, as immortals are usually depicted using a single weapon.

From a deleted scene

In the wake of the death of Iman Fasil, killed by Connor MacLeod, he was confronted by the Kurgan one night in the office building where he worked as a night security guard.

The two engaged one another, but the Kurgan became angry when Kim didn't put up the fight that he expected. Having grown weary of his immortality and all the death linked to it, Kim surrendered to the Kurgan. Surprised, the Kurgan obliged him and took his head.


Yung Dol Kim

The Illustrated Yung Dol Kim

  • Following the first film, Yung Dol Kim was one of the last six living Immortals on the planet by 1985.
  • The scene involving Kim was cut from the original film, and was later destroyed in a fire. Only some still pictures of it still exist.
  • Kim appeared in Highlander: The Card Game. According to his Persona Card he was born in Mongolia, and was a raider prior to his first death.
  • In issue five of the Dynamite Highlander comic series, it is stated that Kim knew Connor MacLeod.

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