Zachary Blaine
Appeared in Highlander: The Series: season 1 episode "The Lady And The Tiger"
Name Zachary Blaine
Aliases Zachary Blount, Zack Montgomery
Born 1712 Hamburg, Germany
First Death 1748 jealous rival sabotaged his tightrope
Teachers Drucilla
Origin German
Status Deceased, Beheaded by Amanda 1992
Occupation Circus performer
Portrayed by  Jason Isaacs

Zachary Blaine was born in 1712 in Hamburg, Germany. He was a foundling child raised by a family of performers in the court of Frederich Wilhem. As he grew up, he learned how to become a performer on trapeze and high wire. Blaine died when his tightrope was sabotaged by a jealous rival. He later revived as an Immortal. He was found by The Great Drucilla, a sword swallower, who taught him what he was and how to survive.

In the 19th century, Zachary met Amanda and the two became friends, with Zach teaching her the circus trade while Amanda showed him that there were other ways to make money. Together they were an outstanding pair of thieves, and they worked together for over a century. Their partnership ended when in 1985, for undisclosed reasons.  Amanda killed herself and framed him for her murder, sending him to prison.

While in prison, he attempted to escape twice by walking out on the prison’s telephone wires. Finally, during a prison transfer, he escaped from the moving vehicle. After acquiring his sword by murdering the shopkeeper who owned it, he went in search of Amanda, finally finding her in Paris, where she was working with a traveling circus.

He was ready to kill her when she offered him a deal, $10,000,000 from a job of stealing a book from a museum and the head of Duncan MacLeod; whom Zachary hated mainly because he was jealous of the man. With the plan set, Amanda managed to have Duncan meet her at the circus. Zachary then meets Duncan after a show and the two men fight but the fight is interrupted by the circus hands. 

Later, Zachary and Amanda meet to discuss their next move, unaware that Richie Ryan was watching them. The two later met at the museum for the planned job, however, Duncan was there and set off the alarm. Their plan in tatters, Amanda and Zachary grabbed the book and fled, followed by Duncan. He caught up with them in a closed brasserie, where Zachary was ready to shoot Amanda until Duncan disarmed him.

Zachary and Duncan dueled, but Duncan managed to separate him from his sword, effectively ending the fight. Turning, Zachary walks into the swing of Amanda’s sword, as she takes his head and his Quickening.