Zeist was an extraterrestrial planet that was at one time suggested as the place of origin for the Immortals in Highlander II: The Quickening.

Information Edit

On the planet Zeist, a last meeting held between the members of a rebellion against the rule of General Katana was revealed. The rebellion’s leader, Ramirez, chose "a man of great destiny" from among them — Connor MacLeod — to carry out a mission against Katana.

At that moment, Katana and his troops attacked, crushing the rebellion. Ramirez and Connor were captured alive, while the rest of the rebels are killed. The two captives are put on trial by Zeist’s priests, who sentenced them to be exiled to Earth in pursuit of The Prize. Winning The Prize would give the victor the choice to either grow old and die on Earth, or to return to Zeist with their faith and freedom restored intact.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Highlander 2 Zeist

The Planet Zeist, in the original version of the film.

Highlander 2 Ancient Earth

The ancient Earth, in the revised cut of the film.

In 1995, a Director's Cut edition — known as The Renegade Version — of the film was reconstructed largely from existing material, with certain scenes removed and others added back in, brand-new footage shot, and the entire sequence of events changed.

All references to the Immortals being aliens from another planet were eliminated; instead, this cut revealed that the Immortals are from an unspecified, distant past on Earth, banished by priests into random locations in the future to keep The Prize from being won in their lifetime.

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