Zoltan Laszlo
Zoltan Laszlo
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Three episode Courage
Name Zoltan Laszlo
Born 1605, in Brasov, Transylvania
First Death 1658, stabbed by his adulterour wife
Teachers Erno Jocszak
Origin Magyar
Watchers Nicholas Delmonico
Status Deceased, 1943, beheaded by Alicia Mackenzie
Occupation Longshoreman
Portrayed by  Mark Acheson
Zoltan Laszlo died in 1658 his first death, when his wife stabbed him because he had learned of her affair with the butcher. The first thing he did when he was revived, was to kill his wife and her lover.

In 1854, Zoltan Laszlo was a dockworker in San Francisco. When he heard that the famous Immortal Brian Cullen was in town, Laszlo sought for him, and found him together with Duncan MacLeod at the docks. Laszlo challenged Cullen, who however, shirked a fight. Duncan wanted to fight in Cullen's place but Laszlo refused, because he was only interrested in the best. Laszlo in his arrogance,never realized that he was on the brink of death.

In 1943, Laszlo was a longshoreman in San Francisco. One evening he met at a bar the pretty Immortal Alicia Mackenzie. Laszlo was too arrogant to realize that she was not interested in him, but in his head. That he lost a few minutes later to Alicia, behind the bar, where they had a brief fight.